Internet Of Things (IoT )

We can specify the internet of things as the general name of the communication network, where all physical objects are linked to each other or to larger systems, compiling the information they receive from the systems they are connected to, shortening business processes, and helping to reduce costs by increasing productivity.

Artificial intelligence, robotic technologies and the internet of things have been at the forefront of Industrial 4.0, which is now the end of the third industrial revolution, dominated by information technologies and advanced automation technologies.

The way it works is shifting from “invest and produce” to “design the product then find the right partner”. Industry 4.0 or beyond, production will be made at flexible production centers that can change quickly and transform. SMBs will also need to invest in new forms of work in order to adapt to these evolving and changing models.

Requirements to prepare the industry 4.0 (Internet of Objects, Artificial Intelligence, Robotic Technologies) preparation process

  • Only if SMBs can be involved in the design ecosystem, they can produce products that are unique and therefore highly value-added, and they can be competitive. Solution partnership method should be preferred here.
  • Today, many SMBs are creating R & D departments only to comply with the trend of the day and think that they are doing R & D work with 1-2 employees. This approach does not work. To prepare for Industry 4.0, SMBs need to include in environments where they can develpo solution partnerships with start-up companies.
  • Industry 4.0 is a project to promote traditional industries in the direction of computerization and equip them with high technology. The developments in information technologies will allow SMBs to access these systems as well. It is important that SMEs follow developments and integrate these technological opportunities into all processes.

In this process, you can make it easy to work with the Internet of Things in a lot of difficult, low, laborious and costly processes, improve your productivity and production, you can be one or more steps ahead of your competitors.

Elite Technology is ready to serve our customers so that you can make your company and your processes ready for the Fourth Industrial Revolution, Industry 4.0, with the experienced software team.

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