Network Solutions

Today, it is important for companies to use technologies that can provide cost advantages in order to be competitive in their fields.
By designing communications network technologies specifically for companies, maximum productivity is aimed through cost, business continuity and the ability to gain access to information at anytime, anywhere.

Elite Teknoloji is designing and experiencing the Communication Networks which will increase the productivity and flexibility of the companies by providing continuity for the customers, open communication with the outdoors and closed to the attacks.

Load Balancer: Elite Technology balances all communication traffic on the WAN and LAN with Load Balancer solutions, providing stable access to the relevant servers or resources. In addition, if network access resources are damaged or inaccessible, designs that prevent network communication from stopping with alternative scenarios

Elite Technology performs infrastructure work at every level in order to connect computers, hand terminals, mobile phones and tablets in a certain area with cable or wireless, provides data transfer and communication infrastructure.

UC (Unified Communications):
Elite Technology has established platforms and infrastructures that enable users to make voice and video calls independent from locations by integrating voice and video conference calls into the existing network infrastructure via LAN, WAN and WLAN network sub-structures.

WAN Optimizations:

WAN Optimization aims to make data traffic on the WAN less labor intensive on the lines used. To achieve that, by balancing the load, the network is made accessible continuously. With Elite Technology’s WAN optimization services, uninterrupted and effective access to network resources, applications and data hosting servers is ensured.

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