Software Asset Management Solutions

Software licenses and maintenance costs usually correspond to a significant portion of the annual Information Technology budget. Effective management, control and protection of software assets, optimizing their values ​​and managing software risk compliance are at importance the most.  However, software assets are often not well monitored, and many organizations do not know whether the license status is over the price paid for, which leads to unforeseen liabilities or unused (idle) products. Optimizing the management of software assets can help to achieve positive results and avoid unwanted surprises.

According to an international research firm Gartner’s research in 2016, “90% of organizations have the potential to cut software costs by 30%, equaling 7% of these overall IT costs.”
As Elite Teknoloji, we provide consultancy services to the following areas in order to ensure that our customers do not invest too much in licenses used or not used:

    • Extracting and analyzing your licensed inventory
    • Preparing incomplete and overused license costs
    • Tracking your generated license inventory and performing renewals at appropriate times
    • Informing and consultancy services about used software
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