Data Storage and Backup

With increasing demand for workload and access to data, institutions are increasingly demanding higher transaction capacities. More efficient systems are preferred as the result of the increase in the virtual environment transition. Customers who have energy saving and ease of management expectation and customers who need to have many physical servers in their environment prefer blade architecture whereas businesses that need different physical servers in different locations can choose rack or tower type servers.While providing solutions on server systems, the needs of the client are primarily analyzed and determinative. The most appropriate solutions is designed with Rack, tower and blade servers as well as non-stop servers and servers developed for critical applications.If there is a request for optimization of the existing structure or the integration of the server system into the existing system, analysis and capacity planning studies are performed first, and then the optimal solution is provided after anticipating the growth rate of the environment. For large environments with large numbers of servers, solutions can be designed to provide management simplification as well as analysis and optimization work.

Knowledge is important for every corporation in terms of business continuity. As corporations grew over the years, as the number of employees increased, the importance of knowledge continued to grow as the social and commercial structures of corporations became more complicated.

Today, all companies should have developed a Disaster Recovery and Backup-Renewing plan with the aim of consolidating their structures and ensuring the continuity of system operation.

Elite Teknoloji helps companies to provide uninterrupted and reliable business environments with our knowledge and strong products. Backups can be done remotely or from a Local Area Network (LAN), as well as online or offline.

In this context, the services we offer as Elite Teknoloji are as follows:

• Real-time or periodic data backup and archiving.
•Data storage.(SAN, NAS, DAS)
• Load balancing and high availability.
• Disaster Recovery and fast track.

Our services;

– System analysis and appropriate product positioning,
– Consolidation solutions,
-Capacity planning,
X86 architecture solutions, critical system solutions,
– Intergration into existing system,
– Migration çalışması,
– Analysis and optimization of the existing system,
– Backup and security of server systems,
– Performing risk analysis and ensuring business continuity,
– Management and monitoring solutions,
– Installation services,
– Maintenance services.

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